我跳进这之前几个音符First, I realized in running through several drafts of this post that it can be hard to talk 亚博 正规吗 networking without coming across as a bit cold or transactional in how one approaches relationshipsI hope the note below doesn’t come off that way – my aim was to talk 亚博 正规吗 something that I really care deeply 亚博 正规吗 and offer some ideas for how to strengthen and deepen the working relationships in your life其次,我要感谢帕特里克(下面我引用)对他的评论和反馈的几个草稿的这篇文章,非常感谢(需要)。

While we live in a hyper-connected world, how deep do those connections really run? And how do we better cultivate those relationships? It’s easy to pay lip service to our networks, but for me and for many of the readers of this blog our networks – the relationships we maintain with our peers and our contacts – are central to our lives (and here I’m purposely blurring the lines between business and personal, as many of the relationships we maintain do the same)I’m deliberate 亚博 正规吗 how I maintain these relationships and wanted to share some thoughts/ideas on how to better maintain one’s network在这里我想感谢帕特里克MindMaven, who helped me hone these skills and who has been a voice in my ear for the past year keeping me honest 亚博 正规吗 making sure I care and tend to my network.

优先考虑建立关系。I’m often thinking 亚博 正规吗 ways to be more connected to people in ways that are both authentic and meaningfulRelationship building is important to me and rather than let it happen by accident I regularly look for ways to deepen the relationships I have with friends and colleagues. The point I’m making is that being authentic and meaningful doesn’t always have to equate to a lot of work and effort我相信很多人恐惧的努力他们完全避免它(我实际上说大多数人)但是有方法可以提供真实的和有意义的经历,你的网络不花费你太多的时间和精力。

通过建立关系优先考虑你将开发习惯For example, one important habit I’ve developed is not letting things pass me by that are clear and obvious touch-points with someone I care 亚博 正规吗I’ve found that a simple “saw this article 亚博 正规吗 your company and it made me think of you” or “saw your quote here and I found it really insightful” or “saw this on Twitter and thought I’d share it with you” is extremely powerful再加上它是真实的当我看到我认识的人筹集资金,或出现的地方,它让我快乐而是让这个想法,我花一分钟写一封快速邮件告诉他们这里的关键是不要错过时机或试图记住这样做之后,当你活在当下,实际上这样做的可能性要高得多当时你看到让你想起某人,花30秒,告诉他们It doesn’t take much time to send that message but it shows that you genuinely care 亚博 正规吗 the relationship这是如此强大的原因是,它创建交互相关的但你不要求任何东西它把你从事务的本质要求一个忙你还没谈过一段时间投资关系在一个正在进行的基础上创造更强的债券,如果有来的时候你问一些你的网络感觉更自然和更少的事务。

工具帮助。在一天结束的时候,工具帮助但不要代替实际的工作在科技行业我们经常试图依靠工具我们的挑战,当我们确定一个问题的解决方案这很少是正确的答案更好的是找出习惯我们需要建立和使用工具来加强或摩擦的习惯与本节作为一种重要的序言,我发现许多工具帮助我做……组织这次活动是很重要的——在我们每一个人都有如此多的信息流动,很容易错过的东西Developing a tool-set to support your networking and engagement work doesn’t have to be particularly complicated  – for me it’s Tweetdeck to manage various groups on twitter; Feedly to manage the blogs I read; Accompany to help track news mentions of people in my network; and Contactually, which I describe in more detail below, to organize my network and keep track of who I’m connecting with他们都帮助我保持的基础上发生了什么,请允许我收集数据网络,我不需要寻找新闻和更新——更新来找我。

A personal touch matters我有可怕的笔迹这对我并不容易,但我有好卡股票上有我的名字与信封打印返回地址,我经常用这个发送笔记我会见的人或在某种程度上帮助了我我找到技巧是使用一个狡猾的人,我慢下来,部队我写更清楚(不是我的强项,就像我说的)注意不需要很长,关键是我花时间写一些个人、地址和邮票电子邮件很好,但我不喜欢错过机会派人个人表示谢意。

知道你的网络Being proactive 亚博 正规吗 your network doesn’t happen by accident but it also doesn’t happen if you’re not deliberate 亚博 正规吗 who is in your network in the first place我们大多数人管理这个在我们的头,这是一个错误我摆弄着一些不同的工具,一个我最依赖Contactually这个平台集成了我的电子邮件,并允许我跟踪的频率与我的网络交互(至少通过邮件和twitter),最重要的是,设置提醒和目标多长时间我想联系我的网络的不同部分我不是一个奴隶Contactually——我不接触人毫无理由仅仅因为Contactually告诉我已经太长时间,例如——但是我经常用它来确保我知道我与人互动网络,设置提醒自己保持在我的联系人。